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  • After being offline for some time due to unforeseen circumstances, the popular jewelry forum, is once again live and active. While thanking our multitude of members and followers for the keen interest depicted in our fora previously, and for their valuable contributions in maintaining its interesting and vibrant nature, initiating new threads and contributing to on-going threads, once again, we take this opportunity to invite all our loyal members, to actively contribute to the development of this important forum, catering to the jewelry industry. Our discussions had been very informative, and some of the comments made were by experts in their own field, who had posted under various pseudonyms. It is our fervent hope and prayer that all of them without exception, would return back to our forums, and again contribute to its re-invigoration.
  • Hello everyone,

    I am writing this because many people are finding it difficult to find the attachments tab while writing a forum post.

    Images can be uploaded only through the attachments tab.

    Please note that the attachments tab for images is only found in the full edit page of a post.

    U will have to click on "More Options" below a quick edit post to open the full post editor.

    U will see the attachments tab at the bottom of the full edit page next to the smileys.

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