World's Largest Star Rose Quartz - Michael Scott Collection

  • Bernd Munsteiner was not only an accomplished gem sculptor from Idar-Oberstein, but also a master-cutter of gemstones. He invented the "fantasy cut" that redefined how precious stones can be faceted to best interact with light. The "fantasy cut" involves inward cuts, creating grooves on the back and front of the stone. The result is that each side reflects against the other, giving the piece even greater depth and vibrancy. One of his most dramatic pieces is entitled Envy - Reflections & Perspectives, and consists of a 114-carat verdelite tourmaline “fantasy cut” to highlight the stone’s rich bluish green hue.

  • This comment was made by Greg Martino via email to me

    "I bought the rough that this sphere was made from. It is not a cabuchon but a sphere. The sphere was originally cut in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The rough originates from a deposit in the south of Bahia near Itambé. I also sold this sphere to Juergen Henn in Idar Oberstein, Germany around 1990. He sold it to Michael Scott through intermediaries in California including Michael Ridding of Silverhorn Jewelers in Montecito, California. Since the cut stone is a sphere and not a cabuchon there is no need for alignment. If you want more information feel free to contact me."

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