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    Can you please upload or give details about the certificate?

    Do you have photographs of the gemstone without the setting


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    Could you please take the photograph of the gemstone under natural sunlight outdoors. In the shade, using a macro setting in the camera.

    Dear Mr. Fitzgerald.
    Thanks for your inquiry about copyright issues involving the image of the "Blue Giant of the Orient" appearing in our blog webpage of the same title, written on March 11, 2008. The image obviously came from the Christie's website when the stone appeared at their Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale held on May 19, 2004 and probably also appeared in one of their press releases. Our site is also an educational website and we had published several images from Christies auction catalogue, without any problems.
    Thanks for your inquiry. Please keep in touch.
    Dr. Shihaan Larif

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    The following is a question raised by one of our readers pertaining to our Blog webpage on "The Black Star of Queensland Famous Black Sapphire Gemstone"published on February 19, 2008.
    After reading the article on the Black Sapphire of Queensland and the amount of money that it brought in 2002, I wanted to ask Dr. Shihaan of his opinion as to what the “Black Sapphire of Queensland” would be appraised for today?

    The following answer was provided by me on April 1, 2009 :-
    Thank you very much for the question regarding the black star sapphire.
    Actually it is not known for how much the stone was sold by the anonymous owner in 2002.The estimate of 100 million dollars was quoted by several leading newspapers, but they did not quote their source either.
    Considering the enormous size and the perfect star, I am not surprised at the estimate.
    Take a look at the current prices of black star sapphires:These are the prices of smaller black star sapphires.
    >1.0carats 3 to 10 US$ per carat
    >1.0–4.99carats 10 to 50 US$ per carat
    5.0carats + 30 to 100 US$ per carat (golden stars may reach US$ 200 per carat).
    The Black Star of Queensland is the only large black star sapphire in the World, it is the only one of its kind in the world.There are numerous large star rubies and large star blue sapphires in many museums and private collections of the world.
    The usual sizes of black star sapphires is less than 5 carats, making the black star of Queensland an extremely rare gemstone.It is highly unlikely that another one of this size will be found even in the future.
    In my opinion it is difficult to estimate the present value, being an extraordinary stone it cant be compared to market value, because black sapphire stones of such enormous size and quality are not available in the market. The price will be determined by the highest bidder (auction) for the gemstone.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions/comments on this gemstone or any other gemstones/diamonds - Dr Shihaan

    Assaying is defined as the testing of precious metals to determine their purity.
    The precious metals usually referred to while assaying jewelry are sterling silver, gold and platinum.

    After assaying, the article is "Hallmarked" to confirm the purity of the metal. Hallmarking
    involves punching with three or four symbols, each symbol giving specific information.

    Hallmarking jewellery gives confidence and assurance to the buyer of the standard of purity of the
    precious metal.

    The assay office in Sri Lanka was established in October, 1981. It sent officials to the London Assay Office to up-date their assaying techniques. At the moment the assay office is based in Colombo at the National Gem and Jewellery Authority office complex. They are hoping to open two new branches in Galle and Kandy.

    The Sri Lanka Assay Office is a member of the European Assay Offices whose head office is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The assay office in Sri Lanka also has plans to join the hallmarking convention.

    The services of the assay office is open to anyone who may or may not be in the jewellery sector. The assay office also issues certificates after assaying and hallmarking.
    The Sri Lanka Assay Office Address
    The assay office is situated at the headquarters of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority
    25, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03.
    Tele: 2325364, 2329295,2320758, 2390645-8.

    The charges for assaying are found at the following link to their website:

    Analytical techniques used at the Sri Lanka Assay Office.

    1. Cupellation method ( fire assay)
    2. Potentiometric titration
    3. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry
    4. X-ray fluorescence spectro metry

    There are some registered jewellery shops around the capital Colombo that sells hallmarked jewellery.

    The standard of purity of precious metals is indicated by specific numbers and the order in which the symbols are stamped in a piece of hallmark jewellery, is as follows:

    Precious Metal Purity or Fineness

    Sterling Silver 925 916 750 375

    The authorized standards of fineness in respect of gold, silver and platinum are given below:


    999PPT corresponding to 24Kt.
    916.6PPT corresponding to 22Kt.
    875PPT corresponding to 21Kt.
    750PPT corresponding to 18Kt.
    585PPT corresponding to 14Kt.
    417PPT corresponding to 10Kt.
    375PPT corresponding to 09Kt.
    333PPT corresponding to 08Kt.


    assay office mark,
    gold/platinum mark,
    numerical purity value and
    manufacturers mark.

    Sterling Silver
    assay office mark,
    sterling silver mark,
    numerical purity value and
    manufacturers mark.

    This was a question on the Golconda-D Diamond, a C2 comment which was transferred to this page.

    Do you know if this diamond was ever graded by a lab? If so, do you know its fluorescence rating?

    Richard Wise

    The following are comments by visitors to our webpage on the Amarillo Starlight Diamond published in 2007 :-

    Can you tell me who currently owns the Amarillo Starlight? Or a way for me to find out?


    Ocala, FLorida

    Answer by Rob. S

    I'm the finders (W.W.Johnson's) Grandson.

    It was cut into a smaller diamond and sold in NY.

    The buyer was not revealed to us, as far as I know.

    My family owns the smaller pieces which were made into smaller stones.

    Thank you for the interest in my Grandad's find

    The following is a comment made on our webpage "The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara."

    I have only just found the site, and love it. Thank you.
    I have one question, you state that Queen Elizabeth gave the Vladimir tiara to Princess Diana, and that Diana often wore it. I am sure that this is not correct.
    The Queen did give Diana the Cambridge lovers knot tiara, which she inherited from Queen Mary, and Diana indeed did wear it often. Not the Vladimir though, of this I am sure.

    by Norma

    Lancashire, England. I.P. address:

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