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    This question was uploaded by Dave in our forum before upgrading.

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if a 1000ct Citrine is unusual enough to get valued professionally?

    The stone is part of a peice of family jewellery that I realise is only semi-precious and there are far bigger stones, but non the less I have never seen one so large in a peice of jewellery.

    It was valued by an antiques dealer about 15 years ago, but nothing since.

    What would be your advice?

    Thanks in advance.


    Thank you for contacting Internet Stones.COM. At the moment I do not know anyone who has andalusites. However I will get in touch with you when I find someone. I have seen a few samples with some gem merchants.

    Andalusite is considered a rare/unusual gemstone.

    All gemstones are minerals, but not all minerals are gemstones. It is the minerals that have some form of ornamental or jewel value that are called gemstones.

    When examined in various angles, cut and polished stones show a distinct colour effect known as trichroism. The main trichroic colours shown in andalusite include yellow, green and red.

    Andalusite is found in many colours, however Sri Lankan andalusites are predominantly green in colour. Green andalusite with a glint of red is often mistaken for Alexandrite.


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