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    The gemstone is in a closed setting in the ring and i have not removed it from the setting.certificate i will upload tomorrow.thank you.

    Hi,i have an antique ring with a burma sapphire unheated and it is tested and certified.can you give me an idea on this ring.thankx

    I definitely will inform my friends about your site.i am really humbled by your effort to answer my question ,i have visited other forums and have only come across rude behaviour and an attitude.thank you once again.

    Thank you so much for the reply i have been trying to take pics in the sunlight somehow the whole pic would have a glare to it.i have some other pics which i will post.the color is greenish yellow and the weight 9 carats.

    I do not have a certificate.but have gotten it tested by a gemmologist from pune mrs jayshree panjikar.the origin is from tamilnadu kerala border not familiar with exact name

    Hi,how rare is a cats eye chrysoberyl of full clarity and sharp line and a size of 9 carats.i have seen a cats eye and was startled by its clarity and sharp line.will post a picture of it.picture is not so great.