Hi! Newbie here!

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      Hi! Newbie here!

      Hi! This looked like a great place to learn about diamonds and stones. My name's Jen and I chose Jemstones ... bc well, the lame play on my name and the fact that as a child of the 80's I always loved Jem and the Holograms (fake band, barbie like dolls, stupid live-action movie attempt of the cartoon somewhere in the last 5 yrs! LOL!). Im 37, college educated, very liberal - I worked for President Obama locally for 6 years and got to meet him! He is every bit as genuine as he appears on tv! I grew up in the East SF Bay Area and moved 3cyrs ago to live in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California w/my fiance, 2 cats and dog. Really the only other thing about me is Ive always been a professional sports writer w/an interest in politics and Im lucky to make a (quite meager living) doing both. Im espevially well versed in and avidly crazy about baseball at all levels with the dream of writing a non-fiction baseball book, an endeavor Ive just begun .... So thats me in a nutshell. I write for AthleticsNation.com (under the name Baseball Jen), do a ton of freelancing and if you ever want to check out the blog Ive owned and run since 2013 its at bbstmlb.com. Twitter: @baseball_jen - just for anyone who enjoys liberal political commentary and/or constant baseball talk! Ive recently becone interested in gems and esp. diamonds and how synthetic ones are made to have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds. I think thats extraordinarily fascinating and figured here might be a good place to start! Hoping to get to chat and learn from all of you! Thanks for your time. As a long-form, features journalist (mostly) I tend to talk way too much! Nice to meet you all!

      ~ Jen




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